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White or metallic kitchen appliances?

To answer it, we must think about the aesthetics we are looking for, the style we want to achieve and also what is most practical for us. So before going to the appliance store to buy, check out these examples of kitchens and decide which one suits your tastes and needs. Maybe you are looking for the best flexible dryer vent hose?

White and wood

A perfect couple that takes the most white and wood. If your kitchen furniture proudly shows the color of the wood from which they are made, the white appliances will be perfect. They will get the contrast and lighten the area.

The modern touch of metal

If you like bright and colorless kitchens but want to give them a recent bit, the metallic appliance is your solution. Whatever the style of your kitchen, adding stainless steel will provide you with a more contemporary look.

Welcome you are, color

There are houses in which color is always welcome, even in kitchen furniture. If this is your case, lean towards white appliances and you will not fail. Thus, the real protagonist will be the tone or tone of your kitchen in general.

White but with contrast

If you are one of those lovers of white, but not in its total purity, you better lean towards metallic appliances. Thus, you will achieve some contrast with the white background that will be the rest of your home.


 and shabby chic, all white

In the houses where the Nordic style dominates, the color par excellence is white. In which there is a shabby chic style the same thing happens, although it is complemented with pastel tones. Therefore, the best choice for appliances in these cases would, of course, be the target. So you will get the style of your house also in the kitchen.

Rustic and industrial, choose metal

If the style selected for your kitchen is agricultural, industrial, or a mixture of both, opt for stainless steel. The contrast with the other materials used typical of these styles, such as wood or brick, will achieve the aesthetics you are looking for in this corner of your home.

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