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What colors do I choose to decorate my house?

Knowing how to choose the tones, combinations correctly, and color environments, you can give a different personality and even change the perception of the size of any room. If you wonder what colors to choose to decorate your house, read on …

Shades and shades of color

When choosing a range of colors to paint or decorate our house, we tend to avoid getting out of the more neutral palettes. To prevent bad combinations, you must know the three color schemes that will set the guidelines to follow in your home.

Tonal scheme

The tonal scheme is characterized by using different shades of the same color, or more than one color, but always maintaining the same intensity. With this combination of colors, sophisticated environments are achieved. One of the most used tricks in the tonal scheme is to use the lightest shade for the ceiling, the same darker color for the walls and an even darker shade for furniture and carpentry.

An example of the tonal scheme would be the colors dark gray, warm brown, blue, and purple.

Harmonic scheme

The harmonic scheme is characterized by the proximity in the color circle of the colors that make it up. To create a harmonious color palette, we start from the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). Mixing two of them, we obtain the secondary colors (orange, green, and violet). Outside the circle, we find the colors that are obtained by mixing a primary with a secondary. Mixing these last colors, we get a harmonic and coherent color range.

As an example, a harmonious, cheerful, and bright palette would be composed of colors: lilac, chalk, turquoise, and pink.

Contrast scheme

Unlike the harmonic system, the contrast scheme uses colors that are on opposite sides of the chromatic circle. It is a much more daring scheme with more significant visual impact.

To compose a contrast scheme we could choose the following colors: bright red, deep orange and green and blue in their dark tones.

Now that you know how to make a compelling color palette and according to your tastes, let’s polish your choice a little more. Have you heard of warm and cold colors? Do you know how they differ?

Warm colors

When we talk about warm colors, the first ones that come to mind are reds, oranges, and yellows. All of them give us vitality and make the rooms much happier. These types of colors tend to reduce the places, so they are appropriate for large areas and rustic decorations.

Cold colors

On the opposite side, we find the lilacs, green and blue. All of them are colors that help us reduce the intensity of light. These types of shades make the rooms seem more significant and give the feeling of spaciousness and space. These types of pallets are perfect for bedrooms and rest areas, as they provide an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

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