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Ideas for small houses in a house in Milan

In it, we will find several good ideas for small houses that we can copy in our own homes. Ready to redecorate your tight spaces?

We start with the idea that may not be the most sought after, but it is something I always wanted to have: a projector. The solution in this house to have it has been to place the screen on top of a window. Thus, when it is not being used, the window is clear, and when a movie is being watched, the window is covered by the screen. It is a perfect way to use the space without having to need a blank wall permanently.

It is not necessary to have a large kitchen to be elegant, and this is a great example. Wood and dark gray are the combinations that contrast with the white background to give the master touch to this corner. Apart from the color scheme, which I love, what I want to review is the flown wine rack. It seems to be a clear example that you can give yourself that whim you always wanted without stealing space from others.

Recently we talked about options for headboards, and this is one of them. A shelf behind the bed can be used to place your books or whatever you need to have on hand. It will also help you to add decorative elements to the wall without having to hang anything on it. It will be a very successful option if you do not have space for a few tables with drawers.

Two children and a single children’s bedroom … The answer is clear: bunk beds. Add a bench like this under the window in a room wall. So they will have a corner to play that is not the bed itself but without reducing space.

Finally, in the bathroom, we also find solutions to save space, such as the washbasin cabinet. You don’t have to give up one with drawers to store things, but if you don’t have much space, you can use the one under the furniture as an extra for storage.

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