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How to make frames for pictures and photos

Therefore, today, we are going to see ideas for making frames for economic cadres. In our case, instead of pictures, we are going to use very crisp Posterlounge sheets and a scratch map.

Frame with wooden slats

The first of the DIY is an original frame made of wooden slats but without sides. It is a type of structure that we can use to give cleanliness, lightness, and clarity to the room. Also, they are very fashionable. We start with the materials that we are going to need:


  • Four wooden slats.
  • Saw.
  • Sand
  • Painting.
  • Brush.
  • Tail.
  • Rope.
  • Two females

Step by Step

We start by cutting our slats to the width of the sheet. Once cut, we sand all the edges gently to eliminate the irregularities of the wood. With the wood ready, let’s give it a touch of color.

After letting the paint dry, we will assemble our frame. First, we place two females on one of the slats and join them with a rope. This rope is the one we will use to hang our picture.

We place our sheet on a suitable surface and glue the bottom with some tape to one of the slats. We repeat the same operation at the top. Now, with the wood glue, we join the other two remaining slats and press for half a minute. It is time to let our frame dry for half an hour to be able to be with a sergeant to strengthen its fixation.

We need to hang our new painting, what do you think of the final result?

Frame with wooden molding

In this case, we will make the frame for our sheet with decoration. The decoration is a very light wood, is perfect for hanging from the wall without the need for very resistant fasteners.


  • 4 frames.
  • Saw and miter.
  • Sand
  • Newspaper or 4 squares.
  • Tail.
  • One or two females.

Step by Step

To make the second of our DIY, we have to keep in mind that the cuts will be angled (45 degrees). Therefore, we will need to use a miter to be able to make the cuts correctly. We begin by making these cuts and taking into account the measures in the table.

Once the moldings have been cut, we gently sand the edges and join them using glue. We will go past edge to side, waiting for the first one to dry before hitting the second one. To strengthen the joints of the frame, you can use newspaper moistened in a mixture of glue and water. In case your structure is enormous or the moldings very wide, you can also use metal brackets.

After allowing everything to dry, we place the sheet and fix it to the frame using adhesive tape. We put the female or females depending on the size, and it is ready to be placed on the wall.

Hang frameless pictures

For this latest DIY, we will hang a frameless picture or sheet. We have opted for this option to attach a scratch map. Thanks to not carrying a frame, it is more comfortable to scratch the map when necessary. Let’s see how we did it and what we need for it.


  • Light wood board.
  • Sand
  • Tail and brush
  • A female

Step by Step

This is the most straightforward tutorial of the three since we are only going to glue the sheet on the board. But before doing so, we have to keep several things in mind.

  • Cut the board the same size as the sheet.
  • Place the socket before gluing the foil.
  • To correctly place the frame on the board, it is necessary to start from the side and fix it correctly. To avoid markings of the tail, spread it with a brush before fixing the sheet.
  • Place books on the sheet to get a perfect fix and prevent the corners from rising.

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