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How to decorate a small flat, 20 simple ideas.

The purpose of ​​the article was born after knowing a project of the University of Ningbo, in which, a few years ago, they created the smallest house in the world. Less than 4 square meters!

Without reaching those extremes, one of the biggest problems we encounter when decorating our floors is the size of the spaces. Locating a new sofa, a closet, or a carpet can become a real ordeal if the available space does not accompany us. So without further ado, let’s get inspired by some ideas to decorate our mini-floors.

1. The light, your ally

Take advantage of all the light you can. Cross out the large curtains and dark tones from your list. Let the light fill your home and bring warmth and spaciousness. If you have a small dark floor, start by giving it light.

2. Mirrors and reflections

If your house does not have much natural light, try placing mirrors at strategic points. The mirrors will be handy in everyday life, and thanks to their reflections; you will get clarity in the areas that previously lacked it. Also, they will give you more feeling of spaciousness; it is the easiest way to increase a stay (if only visually).

Deco-tip: place your mirror in front of a window to get more light and spaciousness.

3. Open spaces

If space is small and we add partitions and doors, we dwarf it even more. Try to eliminate all the walls that are not essential and bet on open spaces.

4. White and clear tones

Use white or very light tones for most walls.

5. The touch of color

Although white tones predominate, you can give more life to your rooms, including framing sheets and photographs on the walls. You will get that personal and striking touch that your apartment needs.

6. Light up from the wall

Play with wall lights or wall lamps to illuminate your rooms. Although floor lamps indeed provide a unique decoration, in this case, we will avoid them so as not to reduce space.

To decorate a small apartment try not to waste space

7. Sliding doors

Great allies of decoration on tiny floors are the sliding doors. In addition to taking much better advantage of the area, they can become a significant decorative element. A couple of barn-style doors to the bedroom will look great.

8. Practical storage

In small spaces, room should be designed with great care and care. The great idea is to use a bed with sofa bed and take advantage of decorative elements that have storage spaces. Trunks, barrels, or banks can become your allies.

9. Tall shelves

One of the most wasted areas of the houses are the high areas of the walls. Including some shelves, you can store with beautiful boxes, a multitude of seasonal goods, books, or any other decorative object.

10. Folding tables

If you are few at home, you can use a folding table and save a lot of space while you are not using it. Also, you can use it as an auxiliary worktop if you place it in the kitchen.

11. Extendable tables

If on the contrary at home you are enough or you usually have visitors, the option of the extendable table will take you out of many troubles.

12. Sofa with storage

Take advantage of sofas that include storage in the armrests or inside. Similar to beds with couches, you can get plenty of hidden storage space.

Do you still want more tips to decorate a small flat with little money?

13. Headboard with storage

Although the headers usually are smooth, you can find many that include room. Although they provide small holes, you can use them to store books or small objects.

14. Furniture, the righteous

Using a small number of furniture will help you avoid a very overloaded and excessive decoration. Prioritize with the furniture you need and discard those that occupy space in front of the tools.

15. Folding furniture

For ultra-small spaces, consider using folding furniture. This type of furniture allows you to double handle the area and take advantage of every inch.

16. Everything to the wall

I had already recommended placing the lamps on the wall, but at this point, we go one step further. Placing the TV hanging on the wall or using hangers and shelves for utensils will save you a lot of space, not having to put things on other furniture.

17. Take advantage of the corners

Use the corners to locate a desk, a side table, or a small closet. Try to get the most out of the holes by placing small accessories that help you daily.

18. Carpets

Use carpets of light tones and exact dimensions. You can use them to different spaces without needing walls.

19. Screens and separators

If the rugs are not to your liking, another way to separate areas is the screens or separators. You can decorate them with photographs of plants, and you will give the room much more personality. Avoid large and opaque screens and bet on those who let light and clarity pass.

20. Light furniture

Using light furniture, you will gain visual space. Choose tables with thin boards and legs. Do the same with the chairs and auxiliary furniture.

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