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5 ideas to decorate the headboard of the bed

Many do not even have a headboard itself and take advantage of the wall of this area. Today we will see several ideas to decorate this area of ​​the bedroom that will be worth with the two options: with headboard and without it.

Headboard with sheets

This is one of the options in which the headboard can be replaced as such by something else. In this case, we opted for prints, a poster, or your favorite painting. By doing this, you can both turn your bedroom into a minimalist corner, and give it a singular focus. It will only depend on how your sheets or paintings are.

Headboard with storage

If you have an apartment with little space or enough things to hide, this would be your ideal option. A headboard with storage behind will help you store your bedside books, your magazine, etc. It will also be the right choice when you don’t want to put bedside tables with drawers.

Headboard with wallpaper

The wallpaper still trends this year, and you can use it to decorate your headboard. You can use this option with headboard as such or without it since the drawing of the paper will surely take all eyes and will be the protagonist of the room.

Headboard with textiles

With this idea, you don’t need the headboard itself, since some textile will replace it. Use a tapestry or fabric with a motif that you love. But be careful with the size, if it does not match the bed, you will not like the result.

Recycled or DIY headboard

For this idea, the imagination goes ahead. Something as simple as recycled wood slats or old doors can be your ideal headboard. Be creative and eco and make your headboard with reused materials.

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