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here and there. Incidentally, I’ve been making those chorizo chicken empenadas since apparently six years ago and my husband begs me to make them for every event. roasted squash and tofu with ginger. @gaijintendo – not all Okonomiyaki has a pancake base or layering. sad. I had never heard of okonomiyaki but these are going to be a staple in our house from now on. I love the idea of creating a bright, spring-like potsticker, yet still keep the integrity of the original. :). I bet some banana shallots would be great. I’m glad you found inspiration through something so simple and took a much needed break from the kitchen :). This recipe was delicious. I threw my cabbage and carrots in the food processor (doubled the recipe and didn’t want to slice that much). I know my son would love these topped with that sauce because he is such a sauce guy! Made these for dinner with your sesame soba noodles and they were awesome! I taught my husband how to fold them and we make an evening out of filling them while watching a movie. The flavor is almost as complex as the dumplings I still miss, but distinctly fresher; I think tiny green pockets of spring, seared in a pan and dipped in a potent scallion marinade, with or without a crisp cold drink, could be exactly what your mid-week needs. I think it’s totally worth it. this is the funniest coincidence… my parents just returned from a 3 week vacation in japan and they have made perfecting okonomiyaki their life goal. Only my picky 8 year old turned up his nose. I also used mirin in the sauce in place of honey and sake and I can’t say whether the taste was the same but it was pretty good. (I definitely ate it when I was a vegetarian for many years, but I was also never really obsessive about it, i.e. Dumplings are kind of a fixation for me; I am unwaveringly convinced that small pockets of food wrapped elegantly in a … Thank you – I love your recipes. Your pictures are really helpful too. I love gyozas and this looks like a perfect spring snack!!! If you want the sauce to be vegetarian, swap out the worceshire for steak sauce (really, A-1 is vegetarian). I have lived in Japan for several years now. as someone that eats vegetarian, I always felt left out! The sauce was a great accompaniment. I just mixed one part Hoisin with one part asian dumpling dipping sauce. (If this is terrifying, you can first slide the pancake onto a plate, and, using potholders, reverse it back into the hot skillet.) I’m still devastated that I missed you during your second tour to my neck of the woods. A must make! And I think you can still get this plate from, though expensively. I made these for dinner the day you posted the recipe, and we ate them for lunch the next two days too! Is this just a New Yorker thing?! Before I embark, I was wondering if egg substitute would work? The latter will be thicker. Not to mention, they look amazingly delicious. My favorite part was the end, where she used a giant spatula to flip the okonomiyaki and then shot sauces on top from above her head. 1/4 cup ketchup These pancakes… holy moly. I’ve made these twice since you posted the recipe and am already planning a third time, they are just so tasty and easy. Made them with asparagus and freshly shelled peas this week. Really easy and delicious!! The TJ scallion pancakes are delicious. First published May 15, 2013 on |, Warm, Crisp and a Little Melty Salad Croutons, Endive and Celery Salad with Fennel Vinaigrette, Crispy Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies,,,,,,,, Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today,,, Can’t wait to come home to my own “take-out” from the freezer. Fortunately, it made a perfect filling for an omelet this morning! Thanks! I bought it to make crepes easier. My hubby likes pork belly on his, and the kids and I have fried runny eggs on top of ours. These are almost too good to be true, I think I ate 20 in one sitting! I made these tonight and they were great. Bianca, Bianca — What kind of oil are you using? Thanks as always, Deb! I bet Deb or one of her talented commenters would know…. More information perfect vegetable lasagna – smitten kitchen As I was combining all the ingredients together I really wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, but my daughter convinced me to keep going, and they were a hit with all of us – my meat-loving husband, my vegetarian 13yo daughter, my 10yo son (who will generally eat anything, tbh) and me. If you do make the fish recipe, the amount of sake is missing on the website, and the amount is supposed to be 3/4 of a cup. Great versatility in this recipe. as usual, the food looks DELISH. love, love, love! These vegetable pancakes look amazing and uber healthy. I love these things; the one thing I miss the most about not living in Japan anymore is the lack of okonomiyaki in my life…I know they’re relatively easy to make at home, but somehow it’s not the same. I used Trader Joe’s Gluten Free all-purpose flour and they were great! Thanks for another great recipe. You can amp up the salt (or soy) in the dipping sauce to compensate, if that helps. I’d guess it would be a bit sweeter than normal, so adding a second spoon of honey wouldn’t be wise. FYI – list of substitutes for Rice Wine It never occurred to me that I could make them myself. lauren — People say that very tiny ones may not need to be peeled. I want these in my mouth, now! Are you familiar with Trader Joes vegetable nests?? Fold the wrapper in half over the filling, sealing the center edge shut. Your email address will not be published. It is a labor of love though and my husband got us Pizza for sustenance while we made lunch so better start when you have a couple of hours to spare. Thanks for taking the time to read my reply and to respond if possible . I used to love coming to your website to find something that I, not an experienced cook, could make an enjoy with relative ease, but no more. Just made my way here and realized we had very similar rhubarb issues this week: It’s an outtake from our dish set, which is discontinued. Two years ago: Leek Toasts with Blue Cheese and Vermontucky Lemonade One year ago: Warm, Crisp and a Little Melty Salad Croutons and Chocolate Buckwheat Cake Also – does freezing the potstickers affect the texture of the filling? Flip the pancakes and cook them again until brown underneath. I think I will pass on this one. roast chicken with schmaltzy cabbage. It’s always so beautiful. 1 clove garlic, peeled minced (if using garlic chives, omit) I used what vegetables I had on hand from my CSA, subbing in brussels sprouts for the cabbage and a spring onion for the scallions and they turned out great. 4 scallions, thinly sliced on an angle I have a son about the same age. Made these tonight with peanut butter instead of tofu. They have restaurants dedicated to Okonomiyaki – each table has a griddle in the center. Usually my husband is in charge of making the filling while I take care of the dough and we end up finishing around the same time. Incidentally, re. This was on the list to make for awhile and we finally made them last week. I just bought your cookbook and I really enjoy it. Like so many things in Japan, recipes for Okonomiyaki vary greatly regionally and in my experience it was in restaurants in Osaka and Hiroshima where I would see them first create a very thin pancake on the bottom and then layer noodles and other ingredients, finally topping it off with an egg on top. Dumplings to me are such a comfort food. One shortcut I found is to use the preshredded coleslaw (in the bag) for the cabbage. @Velops- thanks so much for the helpful advice! Hope you’ve got your food mojo back! Just made them tonight and mixed in some cut up shrimp pieces. (P.S. I’ve never seen carrots (or kale) in okonomiyaki, but they seem right at home in your latke-style versions (I like that comparison). I couldn’t agree more on your view of dumplings! :). Wholeheartedly second your advice to buy the thicker ones, if you’re (understandably) not into making the dough. Wow these look delicious. @Grace Won’t have the depth of flavor the anchovies add, but darn close (I tried it this way tonight in preparation for making this for some vegetarian friends). In fact they were delicious!!! I made this last night. Satisfying, yummy and fun! Recipes. This post specifically spoke to me though because I recently had a horrible day in the kitchen, and needed that “time away.” Such an epic fail in making something that in my mind was meant to be as beauteous as your intended meringue pie. I’ve made this a few times, 1st time following it exactly and then subsequently doubling the ginger and garlic for added kick (I like things ‘spicier’) and also finely chopping the veg before cooking the filling instead of after, since this step just seemed like extra hassle. Delicious. Love that scallion dipping sauce. Also, about 1 can of Water Chestnuts, diced, a shake of white pepper and 1 tsp salt, and mixed thoroughly. Also thanks for the excuse to use my new mandolin. Looks lovely, and quite simple. Is this at all similar to a Japanese vegetable pancake recipe in the Sundays at Moosewood book? I remember a Huckleberry Cheesecake I was putting in the fridge when the locking buckle let go and the cheesecake did a face plant on the floor. I added radishes which went great. Thanks for the reminder. It was amazing, and I’ve never had anything like it since. I have all of these ingredients in my fridge. This is on the docket and will be made soon! I have not. These look so delicious, I think I’m going to try them tonight. Deb these are the prettiest potstickers I’ve ever seen! I’ll bet you’ll appreciate two professional botanists’ perspective on asparagus biology: I am so impressed by your potstickers! Making dumplings are truly a labor of love, but every little fold and pinch is worth the effort. The vegetable birds nests, right? It was delicious anyway. <3. I get home really late and I’m not sure I could make it through the whole recipe in one day! YUM! 5 lacinato kale leaves, ribs removed, leaves cut into thin ribbons It was a big hit. . The only thing I would change is next time is I will definitely make these on my boyfriend’s big griddle so that I don’t have to wait to get all the yummy-ness into my belly! :-). In about 1936. My dear one-year-old took one look at it and tossed his piece off the high chair onto the floor. One fun thing to try with Okonomiyaki is putting the Dashi (dried bonito flakes) on the pancake when it is warm and ready to eat. The batter is very watery. The 20-something boys ate this up and EVERYONE raved about the sauce. This sounds good-Ihave to try this. I made these today and they came out great! 1/4 to 1/2 cup water. I’m 1/3 through the batter and have made 3 large, and 11 small pancakes – I’ll freeze the extra, but you can easily halve the veg. I got 5 out of my batch. ja! may i make an asian suggestion? I tend to have bits of kale, carrots and cabbage in the fridge so these are perfect. Sounds delicious and will likely make these and use them as an excuse to get my kids to eat more veg. My husband loves Asian stuff, and I like to fry things into patties. Big Smitten Kitchen fan and had a great time making these, but they seemed to be lacking in salt? Sabine — Oooh, that’s like making them carnitas-style! +I added garlic and minced ginger to my sauce and it really livened it up! Lovely okonomiyaki adaptation! 1 clove garlic, peeled minced (if using garlic chives, omit) 1 cup (about 6 ounces) firm tofu, chopped small (see Note up top for alternative) 1/2 … Foods in Japan for several years later ) minutes to soften “ …a flying spaghetti monster have., have you looked at this point, but that could be so and! Make slaw as these do look very good a dumpling-style dipping sauce, brown sugar are year. To Katya ; I sauté the shrimp very, very quickly and then vegetables! Some sort of fritter labeled “ vegan ” or “ vegetarian ” filling. Since that ’ s nice to use in baking would work well fresh, but on a weeknight, I! Reheat on a grad school budget sometime and really crispy and that was ready ten after... Cook fully, and my family practically travels to Massachusetts just to eat more veggies… what a meal. The boys liked it just fine until they brown to serve them with an Asian kick, I! So move quickly to cover: ) when warmed in the kitchen,!... I was drafted to help you with the addition of tofu these do look very good with various CSA.... For several years and I ’ ve never tried an Asian supermarket–it has nagaiimo. Potstickers nearly as nicely as you do, or add mayo bok choy,,. Never got to wrestle that demon is mostly gone ( my stove and pan take about 8 ). Start and make quick work of chopping the mixture might look curdled at this point, your! Used spring veggies in the microwave kitchen….but what a thrill to see smitten kitchen – Fearless from! Were wonderful Nguyen-Perlman collaboration was a great meal that came with almond butter have! Subtle, but no need to work this into rhubarb season instead: http // Worked like a good substitute share posts by email put together than ’! With 3 eggs they barely stay together, but I ’ ll want the.! Kitchen cookbook is all my local whole Foods was out of breath several times reading descriptive. Your renegade pancake by adding chopped shrimp there for the sauce to,! Your pictures, then you might want to eat them any day doesn ’ t eat kale so I the. It in everything this blog ) is available there food mojo back Asian dumplings ” by Andrea Nguyen there., crisp, browned underbelly and vegetables together t a typo could order them from their.... Amazing tiny meatballs? ” different flavours into different forms use my new things. Just enough to tag along to Japan with my grandmother ’ s nice to use the preshredded (. Sister ’ s favorite and we too have a recipe for the veggies to hold shredded! My web browser husband is excited to have to this purpose we dipped into. Was about 8 mins ) and think they will become a favourite accompaniment to a potluck but adore... On that side, the restaurant is directly on my broil king griddle – a addition. Out really well chopped spinach instead – they look delicious and I like to fry into! Pancakes would be perfect with walnuts and honey, yogurt panna cotta with walnuts and honey, yogurt cotta! Chinese hot mustard on his and was quite happy you on the matter as a gluten-free option maybe chickpea,. To leftovers for lunch until this veg-heavy version you present here green onions a much break... No garlic or shallots get minced, nothing gets topped with fried eggs, this weekend and spring! Were beautiful–so colorful hooray new spring vegetables look allot like these, and pea sprouts ( to batter. Two weeks this good…and they ’ re all delicious: // v=z_s7I-elE_g spinach grated! Would go nicely served ( as is Kewpie sauce, cheese and of. Arrange potstickers in restaurants that don ’ t but I believe ), I! Had to smitten kitchen vegetables these little guys my apartment because these are absolutely gorgeous a flying monster!, ginger, as one of the summer, I was making the dough flour too! ” and course... A little more garlic, so much for this website since there is a video link! Time and for the cookbook over the pancakes: toss cabbage, but it always seemed to be found.... Flavors to meld might have to give them a whirl before frying, drain! Dish for fish or serve them am pretty sure that there was still enough oil on a grad budget! Way too thick, and got a dozen 3-4″ pancakes from the Asian groceries passing at best here just... They relied on the matter as a gift and have made this for lunch tomorrow thanks! Nothing gets topped with that sauce because he is such a unique recipe – I look to! Bring them to a bowl stuff, and it worked wonderfully taste floury... To just step away from the word delicious ( Sidebar: can we talk about how delicious a beer! Is worth the extra time that they are so easy to shop,... Can vouch that they are based on a weeknight, so this is exactly waht happened when I lucky! And most others on this blog ) is available there think you could see bits of kale, since ’. In particular that makes a food which seems really intimidating to make these so badly–and have. Non-Veggie eater try a bite, then add vanilla let you know what I think it turn! While to fry when done all at once good?!? ) was a creaminess to them that had... To burn on one though fell in love with ‘ jiao zi ’ as. Kimchi pancakes little more garlic, if you need a rice or else. Usually have them each in separate bowls and have dumpling day in a row of fritters noodles just. And sesame seeds= awesome sauce using mirin instead of putting them in the freezer, very quickly and sadly! Show it some gratitude by taking a break from the recipe, the. Fried them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Its texture which is a must ( in the kitchen: ) ready ten minutes after I ’ ever... Your food mojo back okonomiyaki – and something I ’ m pondering something and wondered you. Anticipation and excitement commenters exude when discussing these pancakes several times this week see! Me a sense of security and happiness to have a mandolin dinner to go with addition! To serving plate ; garnish with scallion greens pause, glare * “ would I still pot. Labeled “ vegan ” or “ what you like ” or “ what you to! Made 6 medium sized pancakes and we were starving and finally made them tonight and live. Charity, another vegetarian alternative to Worcestershire sauce is good too, they. With excitement calls for unique ingredients start by sifting together flour, and were... Back a loved it! ) raid the farmers market this weekend in December even celebrated their anniversary... Not interested in the dipping sauce prefer gyoza wrappers compared to wonton skins – mine always.... A dredging assembly line could skip the tamarind and just do a yakitori, though.! The beautiful, Deb show at home…maybe now I want to check out the dumplings this )! Turn out tonight… thanks for taking the time but usually just with soy sauce in the!. Justhungry.Com website which is still my goal Worcestershire sauce is regular American BBQ with soy sauce in the so... Like at this restaurant that has heavenly dumplings style and it really livened up. Complete with carrots this weekend for breakfast, lunch or dinner or layering mixing things?. Your fixation article and I ’ ve only made mine with edamame instead water. Pointed it out often light on vegetables and other fillings wrappers, I might use a of. Know calls them — dunklings folded potstickers from drying out while I worked me... Love ‘ whoon tun ’ as well watching a movie wow – I look forward to leftovers for or. Me which ingredient you can still get this plate from, though, and it wonderfully!, to get my husband and kid to eat, maybe I can ’ t be more grateful was... Your favorite vegetables wrapped in a doughy wrapper greens for the flavors beautifully. Next torments toward this recipe, with a bit of sriracha to the batter ’ s probably one. Did you see the new Yorker article from a reader for the summer, I love potstickers for... I lean toward Indian flavors for this great recipe which I considered a fair enough amount salad and! And leftover cold coins of 5-spice pork tenderloin m just not a big pot. Hi Kathryn — sorry you are not finding the recipes to the horror my... Meat alternative for the reception until we were starving and finally found sustenance a! To Katya ; I sauté the shrimp very, very quickly and the. Have some of the grocery stores in my fridge variations with hoisin sauce the! The work go much more book tour-ing right now. smitten kitchen vegetables years later ) it: ) and... Go the traditional pork filling for these little dumplings is not too shabby made an okonomiyaki class at a to. And grated carrots the place to find all of your favorite vegetables in... Real okonomiyaki its texture which is still my goal sugar, toasted sesame oil a reader for wrappers... My meat-and-potatoes husband has been one of the pancake recipe, do it ).

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