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Originals ideas

10 original ideas to decorate your terrace or garden

1. A bar for any size.

Whatever your large terrace, our first idea will always fit you. A small bar next to the railing will serve you for breakfast or a drink overlooking the street.

2. Comfortable, much better.

Surely there are hundreds of ways to be comfortable in the garden, but the one we are going to see now is among the usual favorites. With this simple idea, you can enjoy a sunbed to rest and regain strength.

3. Light up your summer nights.

Good lighting changes the environment of any exterior for the better. Again the size does not matter, use your vertical space for plants and place beautiful garlands of lights. In a minute, you will have a cozy and lively corner.

4. The mini minibar.

You only need a bit of skill and a pallet to create this mini-minibar. Storage and bar, all in one, for the smallest spaces.

5. The summer dream for moviegoers.

Who does not want to have an outdoor cinema at home that raises his hand … If you have a lot of space, you can mount it in a big way as in the first image. If not, you can build support for the screen to suit you, as in the second.

6. The restorer’s corner.

If at home parties, you like to handle the catarrh, and serve everyone, create a corner like this. A bar for drinks, a barbecue for food and voila, your little bar at home under your orders.

7. Folding, the best friend of small spaces.

Do not give up your corner with a table to decorate your terrace or balcony because there are no square meters. Use a folding table and chairs, so you will not reduce space when you are not using them.

8. Now you don’t see me.

We continue with folding furniture, but in this idea, in a big way. A full bar with storage can decorate your exterior. When you don’t need it, it can become a small board anchored to the wall.

9. The treehouse.

Having a treehouse is a dream shared by most children. You don’t need an excellent infrastructure if you follow this idea, more straightforward, but just as exciting.

10. Small children’s playground.

The smallest of the house also takes place outside with fewer meters. A corner like this will be worth it for you to enjoy your own children’s playground.

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